About Us

Our Mission:

The floods that struck Pakistan in 2010 and their far reaching consequences point to the urgent need to bolster the capacity of both the government and civil society to be better prepared for and to better manage disasters. Flood Monitoring And Policy Support is an initiative that aims to do just this in two main ways:

1) The central and longer term objective of this initiative is to map mauzas (revenue estates, typically collections of villages) across the country. Such mapping has not, to date, been conducted and existing maps depict administrative boundaries only till the level of tehsil. Maps depicting mauza boundaries are, however, absolutely essential to disaster preparedness in the longer run. Such maps will provide a more precise and useful picture that will enable relief providers (both public and private) to design and implement interventions that target the right regions and the right persons. Mauza mapping is, therefore, crucial for the effective planning, coordination and transparency of any relief effort.

2) A secondary and shorter tem objective is to cater to the mapping needs of NGOs that are currently involved in relief and reconstruction activities in flood affected regions. Such organizations will be able to present the progress of their works both internally and to the general public in a more meaningful and accessible way i.e. via visuals. This will facilitate their accountability to both donors and citizens.